PreSonus Studio One 2

Plugin Needed: AudioUnit (64-bit) or VST (64-bit)

Adding the Plugin

  1. Click and drag the plugin in the folder

To send a track to collaborators

  1. First bring up the mix window and click on the expand arrow on the track, that you want the Musistic plugin on
  2. Next click on the plus sign to add an insert
  3. Then scroll down to find “Musistic64” then click on it
  4. Then login with your Email and password
  5. On the “Send” tab click on the “Select Project” drop down and select the project that you want to send to.
  6. Then give the audio file the appropriate name
  7. When Musistic is ready “Press play to send”
  8. Once you have played the session, Musistic will upload the track

To receive a track from a collaborator

  1. First you need an “Audio” track
  2. Then bring your mix window and right click on the “Audio” track and click on the “Add Bus Channel”
  3. Next you need to change the input on the “Audio” track to “Bus 1”
  4. Next click on the expand arrow on the “Bus” track to add the “Musistic64” plugin
  5. Then Login with your Email and password
  6. Click on the “Receive” tab. Then click on the “Select Project” and “Select Track” drop down. Choice the project and the track that you want to record
  7. “Record Enable” the track. When Musistic is “Ready for playback” you may start the recording.