Pro Tools 11 - Mac

Plugin Needed: AAX (64-bit)

Adding the Plugin

  1. Locate the Pro Tools application
  2. Right click on the Pro Tools and click on “Show Package Content”
  3. Then Click on “Content”, “Plugins”, and then drag the plugin into the “Core Plug-ins”

To send a track to collaborators

  1. First you need go to the inserts and add the Musistic Plugin in either the Mix window or going to view selector tab in the Edit window and click view “Insert A-E”
  2. Click on the Insert then Click on “Multichannel Plug-In,” “Other,” and then “Musistic”
  3. Login by putting your Email address and Password
  4. Make sure that you are on the “Sending” tab and Click on the “Select Project” drop down and select the project that you wish to send to.
  5. Then give the “Track Name” the appropriate name of your choosing.
  6. Once that is completed, Musistic will tell you when to press play
  7. You may proceed to play the “Playhead”
  8. Once you have played through the track(s) in the session, Musistic will tell you when has completed the upload.

To receive a track from a collaborator

  1. First you want to create on “Audio” and “Aux” track
  2. Next you need to change the “Output” on the “Aux” to “Bus 1 & 2”
  3. Then you need to change the “Input” on the “Audio” to “Bus 1 & 2”
  4. Next go to “Inserts” and add the “Musistic” plugin
  5. Next Login by putting you Email and password
  6. Next click on the “Receive” tab
  7. Next click on the “Select Project” drop down
  8. Next click on the “Select Track” drop down and select you want to record
  9. While the “Musistic” plugin is getting ready for recording, make sure that you have “Record Enable” the “Audio” track