Mulab - Mac

Plugin needed: VST (64-bit)

Adding the plugin

  1. Click and Drag Plug-in over to VST Folder

To send a track to collaborators

  1. First click on the “Audio File Recorder”
  2. Then change the “Output To” to “Rack 2”
  3. Next go to your inserts on “Rack 2” and add the “Musistic” Plug-in
  4. Login with your Email address and password
  5. Click on the “Select Project” drop down and select the desired project
  6. Then under “Track Name” give the track the desired name
  7. When Musistic ready you may “Press play to send”
  8. Once the track is down playing, Musistic will upload it and tell you when it has “Completed” the task

To receive a track from a collaborator

  1. First you need to track “Add Audio Track”
  2. Then click on the “Audio Recorder” drop down and click on “Audio File Recorder”
  3. Next Change the “Audio Output To” to “Audio File Recorder”
  4. Next click on the Inserts on “Rack 2” and add the Musistic Plug-in
  5. Login with your Email address and Password and click on the “Receive” tab
  6. Click on the “Select Project” and “Select Track” drop down. Select the desired project and track
  7. When the Musistic Plug-in is “Ready for playback,” press the record enable button and begin your playhead.