Logic Pro X

Plugin Needed: AudioUnit (64-bit)

Adding the Plugin

  1. Click and Drag to the “Components” folder

To send a track to collaborators

  1. Click on the “Audio FX”, then “Audio Units” and then “Musistic”
  2. Login
  3. On the “Sending” tab, click on the “Select Project” drop down and select the desired project
  4. On the “Track Name” give audio file a name of your choosing
  5. When Musistic is ready, press play and Musistic will tell you when it is done uploading

To receive a track from a collaborator

  1. First you need to create two “Audio” tracks
  2. Next go to the “Mix Window” and on first “Audio” track make a send to “Bus 1”
  3. Make sure the signal level is up on the send to “Bus 1”
  4. Now you must change the input of the second “Audio” track to “Bus 1”
  5. Then have “Input Monitoring” and “Record Enable” on for both tracks
  6. Now go to “Audio Fx” and add the “Musistic” plugin located in “Audio Units”
  7. Login by putting your Email address and password
  8. Click on the “Receive” tab and click on the “Select Project” and “Select Track” drop down for the desired project and track
  9. When Musistic is “Ready for playback”, you made press record.