About Musistic

Jim Lattimore, III – Chief Executive Officer, Multi-instrumentalist/Engineer/Producer

James “JimmyJimJimbo” Lattimore, III is an enigmatic figure, often seen in public doing wheelies. In 1968, he was born the son a Belgian Boulangerie owner (also named Jim Lattimore as was his father’s father) and his wife, an orphaned gypsy shoemaker.

He can cook Minute Rice in forty-seven seconds. He is an expert in drywall, a vigilante of love, and is wanted by the law in several western states. He is the subject of numerous documentaries.

He is an abstract artist and a concrete thinker. Critics worldwide swoon over his original line of edible eveningwear. He has been caller number nine and has won the backstage passes. Children trust him. He makes older women yearn for their younger days. The laws of physics do not apply to him.

He knows what Napoleon had inside his jacket and why he always kept his hand in there. He has spoken with the ghost of Elvis. His house is haunted.

He has been a motorcycle tour guide in the Alps and played guitar in the streets of Europe for a living. His wife and children are tired of him saying “I've been right there,” every time some place cool is on TV.

He is a certified Memphis BBQ Network judge and has absolute contempt for anyone who uses the terms grilling and BBQ-ing interchangeably. He likes whiskey that is old enough to buy its own whiskey.

He is a co-owner of the award winning audiophile loudspeaker manufacturer, Egglestonworks.

He sometimes sings on pitch and is asked to sing harmonies with people. Sometimes, he’s asked not to sing. A multi-instrumentalist, he has credits on multiple recordings as a songwriter, performer, engineer, and producer. His first instrument was the trombone but he switched to guitar because “trombone players don’t get the girls.” His first job was as an extra in the Loretta Lynn bio-pic “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

Oh yeah. He has over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and operations; a MBA from SMU; and, is a CFA charter holder.

Brian Wentzloff – Chief Technology Officer, Drummer/Audio Engineer

Brian Wentzloff Musistic Chief Technology Officer

Brian Wentzloff is both an accomplished technology developer and audio engineer. He has worked for award winning international bands as an audio engineer, including the Walkmen and the Hives. As a computer programmer, product manager, and team leader, he has helped develop several successful startups including Iconify and PHXX Media, LLC, and worked for giants in the industry such as IBM and Cardinal Health.

Brian started out in the music industry playing drums for punk bands as they toured around the Midwest playing in bars you've never heard of and sleeping on couches of people he'd never heard of. He then studied computer science at Michigan State University and eventually graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Music Recording Technology. He continues to play drums in his free time and occasionally will draw a crowd of over a dozen fans at a gig.

Mary Thompson - Social Media Manager

Mary Thompson Musistic Digital Marketing Specialist

Mary Thompson is a wise woman of the world. She was there at the fall of Constantinople. She tried to catch it, but realized it was much too heavy and stepped helplessly to the side and watched it fall with a loud *kwa-thunk!*. In modern times, she served a stint on the dark-side, but after her attempts at global domination repeatedly yielded nothing but frustration, she tried her hand at social media. She was much happier.

Her responsibilities include feeding the chupacabra, Chewbacca, and ensuring chewing gum is properly stocked in the break room. She also does a slew of other things for which she is probably underappreciated.

When she's not performing her duties via the interwebs, she likes puppies, rainbows, warm fuzzy feelings, and the occasional training session with ninjas.

Jacob Ferguson - Awesomeness Intern

Jacob Ferguson Musistic Recording Technology Intern Jacob Pro Tools Certification

Jacob has been bringing the awesome since the day 1. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he leveled up in awesomeness too quickly for such as large city and, for whatever reason, Tennessee officials were furious at just how awesome he had become. It was probably jealousy. Fearing for Jacob's safety and awesome future, his family was forced to relocate in the smaller city of Olive Branch, Mississippi while Jacob was still a young, yet awesome, child.

He is currently a super senior at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, where he is double majoring in Entertainment Industry Studies and advanced Awesomeness Introspection (a.k.a. "What Makes Me This Awesome?"), for which he is the only student. His awesomeness manifested itself in his mastery of recording technology.

He is also involved in his church, Longview Heights, in Southaven, Mississippi.

Keenan Diggs - Developer Intern

Keenan Diggs Musistic Developer Intern

Keenan Diggs was raised in Reno, Nevada until age 9, when he decided to follow in his father's footsteps, quite literally, moving to Memphis, TN during a blizzard with all wordly possessions strapped to his back. Since then, he has been homeschooled, keeping it old-school, and continues to defer on a longstanding offer to enroll in the University of Hard Knocks, instead studying computer science and Japanese as a super senior at the University of Memphis.

An introvert and deep thinker, he can ocassionaly be found in the government cheese caves of Missouri, where he ponders the meaning of life and pursues his hobbies: swing dancing, music, making YouTube videos, and the Japanese language. His biggest regret in life is the canoeing trip he went on in middle school without sunscreen.

Cameron Roe - Developer Intern

Cameron Roe Musistic Developer Intern

Cameron Roe is half-elf, half-computer. His heritage makes him exceptional at computer programming and archery, but never simultaneously. His very existence has confounded philosophers and geneticists for decades. He is one of the few living entities who can type underwater, still the only one to do so with his toes.

He is a connoisseur of many things: music, beverages, software, etc. He is a collector of only the rarest rolls of Scotch tape and postage stamps. His weekend activities include screaming into microphones, believing he is a good vocalist, as well as learning computer trivia no one will ever use. He likes death metal and Counter-Strike, and his favorite number is 36.82. He aspires to become a giant squid. He is well-versed in many computing technologies, but his favorite programming language is Ruby. He is a computer science senior at the University of Memphis.

Also, he is paid in beer.

Curtis Lehr - Audio Engineering Intern

Curtis Lehnr Musistic Audio Engineering Intern

Deep in the wooded seclusion of Brandon MS, while looking for oil on his land, a lone farmer discovered a block of ice in an undergound cavern. Imprisoned in the frosty stasis was the silhoutte of what appeared to be a human being. Using a tractor, a felled tree, elaborate pulley system, and a pink ballpoint pen, the farmer thawed the ice over a bonfire at around 5pm, Greenwich Mean Time.

It was then that the entity know as Curtis Lehr was awoken from a long icy slumber. Homeschooled in Brandon MS from the age of 8 onward, they quickly developed an interest in electronic audio production, and by the age of 16 they had begun a hardware-based live electronics project that continues unto this day. In a unprecedented feat, they created sentient life for 3 seconds by daisy chaining 5000 guitar pedals to a typewriter. When the life of the typewriter expired, they were reported to have said "They woke me too soon", a response that was never fully understood.

When home ran out of school, Curtis began attending Delta State University studying Entertainment Industry Studies with an Emphasis in Recording Studio Theory and Computer Information Systems. They would probably be considered a 'super senior' and are involved in the campus organizations of Grammy U and the Audio Engineering Society, though our primitive technology still frustrates their existence.

Curtis has played 5-hour nonstop techno sets to empty rooms. "It has to be empty or they'll never come back for me", they often said. They believe that 'drum machines have no soul' is the product's main selling point. Curtis spends their free time watching anime, combing through thrift stores, and pushing audio technology to its limits, though no one fully understands why.